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The lawyers' fees are determined in accordance with the provisions of 'law n° 71-1130' of 31 December 1991, of 'decree n° 2005-790, of 12 July 2005 and the 'decree n° 91-11971' of 27 November 1991.

The fees accruing to the firm are agreed with the clients in all transparency and confidence.

The fees vary and are determined as follows :    
  • Fees on time-spent basis

At the very first contact with the firm, the client is informed of the hourly rate charged by the firm for the time spent on a particular matter. The firm justifies all services performed.
  • Fixed fee

A fixed fee is agreed between the firm and its client. The client bears the procedural costs.
  • Additional success fee

A success fee can also be agreed between the firm and its client in regards to the nature of the case. It should be expressly stated in the fee agreement that should necessarily fix a basic principal fee. 
  • Subscription fee

Subscription is proposed to companies which legal follow-up is monitored by the firm.

Whatever is the mode of fixation of the fees, a fee agreement is established at the opening of the file and fixes the mutual obligations as well as the financial conditions under which the firm intervenes.